beckilou (beckilou) wrote in the_pink_shack,

Please feel free to call me Becki (though my full name is Rebekah Louise Nickerson)
I just turned 20 on November 12th.
I was just randomly looking around lj for some cool stuff to get involved in.
A&F AE GAP (and the everyday thrift store)
MaryKay, Lancome, and I am in love with those covergirl 'lipsticks' which are more like lipglosses (princess and clear are my favorite)
I do have a digital camera, I do have a webcam.
weekly photos? as long as i have the time. i am a colllege student and i work about 30 hours a week. but i love this lj stuff so i hope on everyday to read any updates. so i will try my hardest to get photos on weekly but i can promise.

well i decided to be a memeber as i said about because ive been trying to find some cool things to get involved in. this seemed like a neat place so i figured i might as well check it out. besides that, im a girl. therefore i love makeup and fashion. haha.not much needs to be said beyond that.

p.s i'll post some pictures of me soon!

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